Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our new solar oven!

Our Global Solar oven came today. Having this one is a pure luxury. The SOS Sport is cheaper & fits more & will do most everything. But I wanted one that would get to higher temperatures to make baking better. I'm anticipating a day when I will be doing most of my cooking in these, so I want to have everything I want. Of course having anything will be more than most people around!
I really like the leg in the back. It makes it super easy to tilt to get the best sun. It heats up fast! In the time it took me to take 3 photos of my son by it, it had gotten to almost 100 degrees. If you stand where the mirrors are reflecting at you, you can really feel the heat! This is well made, durable, & has a handy carrying handle. Heavier than the SOS, but probably a bit hardier. My 8 year old could carry it so it's not too heavy.
We've got bread raising right now to try in it!

BTW I sell these for anyone interested. The cost is $275 shipped to your home. Includes the WAPI (water pasturization indicator), thermometer, and 1 pot. Utah residents must pay sales tax.
email me if you'd like flyers comparing the 2 emailed to you.

The SOS is $190 shipped, with 2 pots, reflectors, thermometer & WAPI. Can use with or without reflectors.

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