Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to get free produce

I used to spend so much money on produce, my son loves it & I want him to eat healthy.  But yikes!  A little thing of raspberries costs so much!  I finally got smart & planted my own.  I got free raspberry shoots from a neighbor, & I've let them take over 1 side of the house.  The only maintenance I do on them is cut out the dead canes in the fall.  Pretty dang easy!  They've been growing for a few years now, & we get a cereal bowl full of raspberries a day!  We've made raspberry lemonade ice cream, raspberry blondie browies, jam, frozen raspberries, & eaten a ton every day.  All free!  My sprinklers were watering over there anyway!
I've done the same thing with strawberries.  I got free shoots, & let them fill in all of my flower beds in front.  My spring tulips come up right through the strawberries.  They keep out the weeds, look, pretty, & they provide me with a HUGE bowl full every day for 2-3 weeks in June.  They get finished just about the time the raspberries start.  I don't do any maintenance on the strawberries either, except pull up a few of the older plants every fall so new ones can grow in.  Super easy!  We dry a lot of our strawberries for eating on hikes & on cereal (see my post on drying them in the solar oven).
I've just planted a blueberry bush & am hoping to someday have tons of those too!
I can't believe how much money we save.  And having these healthy treats in abundance is such a luxury!
And it's going to be fabulous to have if we're ever living off our food storage.
They take time to grow enough to have a lot though.  So go look at your yard & see where you can throw in something you'd love to eat!  Or get one of those inside strawberry planters.  You'll be glad you did!

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