Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bread in Global Solar Oven

Now the cinnamon bread on the left is huge. I forgot that this recipe makes 3 loaves, not 2, so the pan was too full! But it still tasted yummy!
The white on the other bread is flour from my cutting board.
Both breads browned a lot better than in the SOS. The texture was perfect & they tasted great! They took about an hour to cook. The right side of the white bread is slumped from the cinnamon bread overflowing onto it. My bad! LOL That's what you get when you're trying to cook 2 kinds of bread, pasta & garlic bread at the same time; while also stressing about what's going on with your ex & taking care of your son!
But I'm very excited about how well it worked. The temperature was just over 300 in the oven. It has a really nice swinging plate to put the pans on, so that when you tilt the oven with the leg on the back (to get the best sun with no shadows), the pans don't tilt too.
The recipe I used was the Lion House roll/bread recipe. The cinnamon bread was an adaptation. I'll post the recipes.

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