Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feminine unmentionables

Here's an article about female items in an emergency, or long term crisis. I've been getting a lot of these items free or really cheap with coupons & have them stored. But eventually they run out. The reusable kind, or the diva cups are probably the best option for storing because of that. And using them now would save money; something us single mom's need. And I've heard nothing but rave reviews from those using the diva cups. And they are probably the most cost effective solution.

Here's the article:

The topic for today is Sanitation. Feminine sanitation to be exact. The purpose today is to get you thinking and moving in a direction that will make this a non-issue from a preparedness standpoint.
In today's world, if we are female, we typically rely on products each month that are purchased from the local grocery or big box store to handle our stuff. Think for a moment, "Do I have a years (or more) supply of these feminine sanitary supplies?" I know a few who do, you know who you are and "GREAT JOB!" But for the rest of us, What is your plan if they weren't available or if the stores simply didn't have them for whatever reason?
I know what some of you are thinking...."I'm past that stage in my life, Yeah Me" Well what about your daughters, they'll need supplies. Or you might be thinking "Ha ha, I only have sons" For you I'd say, son's will be married at some point and what about grand children? In any event, someone you know would love you to bits if you thought ahead and prepared for them. (Because heaven knows they aren't preparing for themselves)
So how do we handle this? Well, what did the pioneers do? They got through....with rags. That will work but I know we can do better than that and be tons more comfortable. The solution is reusable washable pads. I know ladies, the ICK factor, and 'are you kidding me?' were my first thoughts too. But I got over it when the alternative came into view. We had a class at a RS meeting last year about this topic, I remember the giggles and UGH's that we got at the thought, . We must remember that we have been lovingly commanded to "Prepare EVERY needful thing" I think that this falls in that category.

Make your own: Love this whole site
And you can even buy these premade, here are some sources (there are many more) Reusable Luna cups are an option too, & are also on these sites.

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  1. Let you hubbies keep you licked clean down there. Myself as a male does that all the time for my girl friend , she loves it,