Monday, July 18, 2011

a good read!

I was recommended the book "Alas Babylon" as a good book for preparedness minded people. It was an entertaining read, & informative. I kept thinking "Oh I never thought of that!". I started keeping a list as I read. One thing that really struck me was their need for salt when they ran out. Besides cooking & preserving, humans & animals can't live without salt. And it's something you can't grow yourself. After reading the book, I went to Costco & found that a 25 lb bag of salt was $2.50. Dang, even a single mom can stock up a bit for that price!
Another thing that struck me was a part where a character was trying to trade their car for a bike tire. There was no gas so bikes were the only transportation. I went out & bought extra tires, chains, etc for our bikes. Another inexpensive thing that may come in handy, not just in an emergency, but when something breaks at home, we don't have to run to the store at an in-convenient time. I bought it used on amazon, & it was money well spent.

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