Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garlic bread in solar oven?

I often use leftover buns or bread to make garlic bread with. It's a great side for many dishes. I just spread butter on slices, and sprinkle with garlic salt & italian seasoning. Sometimes we put parmesan or other cheese on the top. I was wondering how this would work in the solar oven...usually I do this on "broil" in the oven. So today we gave it a try.
We loved it! My son immediately made 4 more & took them out. It cooked quickly, & tasted delicious. It didn't get quite that "browned" on the top that you can get in the oven. It may have if we'd left it longer. But it tasted really good, & I'm glad to know one of my favorite, cheapest side dishes is still doable!

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